Green Logistics is a process of diminish damage to nature or environment because logistics as well as Supply Chain Operation of group or company. Green Logistics includes transportation and resources in the depth process like as inventory, procurement management, warehouse management, supplier and buyer and, so on.

Sustainable Logistics is a real view of SCM processes, Logistics and technology that marks the environmental, economical, social and legal aspects of supply chain management components.

The main principle of Green Logistics and Sustainable Logistics is socially responsible material/products and operations are not only good for planet and living things, but also good for create or building positive brand awareness, diminish environmental impact and generate long-term revenue.

Some best example of Green Logistics:

  1. Transportation: Minimize the energy and fuel consumption. Use Electric vehicles. Google used AI based car and bi-cycle in their campus.
  2. Efficiency: Reduce waste during operation or process that helps to increase the efficiency.
  3. Design: Make things easier for logistics. Like furniture require small assembly, but it fitted into standard box.
  4. Reverse logistics: Recycle the product which is returned by customer.

Scope of Green Logistics:

  • It is suitable and useful for the environment
  • It very helpful in an Eco-friendly & efficient transport and distribution system
  • It helpful in the material handling
  • It helps in waste management
  • It help in packaging and transport
  • It effectively manages the flow of information and product between point of starting and point of destination

Environmental problems caused:

  • Availability of Fuel and cost of fuel
  • Lot of million tons of packaging is used yearly in manufacturing industry which contains paper and plastic
  • Papers are produced from cutting the trees
  • Aerodynamic drag responsible for lots of fuel consumption of multi-dimensional trucks

Need of E-Logistics:

  • To expand Environmental constraint due to global warming.
  • CSR
  • Useful for industries and organizations
  • Eco- friendly
  • To develop environmental awareness to employees and stakeholders
  • Solution for increasing cost of fuel

Green Logistics shown into:

  1. Transportation
  2. Warehousing
  3. Value added services like Pallet and container pooling, packing technologies and tracking and tracing
  4. Product designing phase
  5. Production phase
  6. Material or Services
  7. Reverse logistics

New technologies for Green logistics:

  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Environment and technology
  • Analytics and advanced machine learning
  • Cloud computing

Advantages of Green Logistics:

  • Financial Benefits:
    • Revenue generation
    • Cost reduction
    • More asset utilization
    • Improve the customer service
  •  Environmental Benefits:
    • Wastage reduction 
    • Improve the energy efficiency
    • Minimized air, water  emission and reduce pollution Minimum fuel consumption
  • Social Benefits:
    • Reduced immunity impacts
    • Minimized noise
    • Minimized traffic congestion
    • Improve health
    • Improve safety
    • Improve security
  • Other advantages:
    • Increase productivity
    • Higher motivation to employees
    • Increase job opportunity
    • Minimized the carbon emission
    • Better utilization of natural assets

Green Logistics is very important feature which all the companies should implement to prevent the natural resources and environment and improve the health of peoples through the minimized the pollution.